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Life-Career Planning in an MBA program

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Visual Explorer™: Life-Career Planning in an MBA program

June 10, 2010

Life-Career Planning in an MBA program

"It worked! The images they picked really hit home in ways that surprised them."
From: Carol Connolly Bruce,
To: Chuck Palus
I used Visual Explorer in my Mid-Career MBA course at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
There are evening students, most over 30 years, all with work experience. One of their assignments was to create a Life-Career Plan. So I asked them to pick an image that represents their Current Reality as part of their Life-Career Story. Picking the image helped inform their writing of the story. In preparation for the Life-Career Plan, they picked a second image that represents their vision for their life/career. In the plan, they used Robert Fritz’s concepts of Structural Tension, Current Reality and Vision/Aspiration. Then they integrated the two images, Current Reality and Vision, and the steps it will take to move from the first to the second.

Many of them didn’t think they could do it, but I encouraged them to try and just see what happened. Well, it worked! The images they picked really hit home in ways that surprised them. Their plans were very good, lots of authentic self awareness and opening up to go after things they’ve wanted to do but have pushed aside due to limiting beliefs and mental models, which they were to uncover in their life/career stories. Several are really going for it as a result of the work they did in the course, all are much clearer on what they want. They also commented on how they have a sense of renewal and less fatigue about where they are in their work and lives.

Carol Connolly Bruce
The Center for Creative Leadership

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